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• Fire Alarm   • Sprinkler   • Special Hazards   • Security   • Electrical

"Protecting the Life Safety Systems that Protect you."

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The truth about service


Many companies will tell you they are the only ones that can inspect, test, maintain, and service equipment. That their equipment is proprietary and that only they can service it. You hear words like sole sourcing and exclusive capability. That is not always true. At Anaconda we even have some equipment that is proprietary. But the truth is this; many of the devices attached to proprietary equipment, the wiring, connections, horns, strobes, detectors, pull stations, and other supervisory equipment, they all can be generic equipment used on a large variety of systems. So yes, we can inspect, test, maintain, and service most requirements of the systems. All of this is in accordance with state and local code requirements. In fact, the large majority of inspection and testing has nothing to do with the proprietary functions of the equipment. There can be programming requirements that are proprietary in nature, and that we may not have access to, but that does not negate our ability to provide a large part of the service. Make sure to talk to us about each system’s requirements and what we can do for you such
as the inspections, testing, service, and deficiency repairs.

What is the Anaconda difference?


Here at Anaconda long term relationships with our customers are what is most important. That is why everyone in our organization is charged with providing excellent service along with helping our clients with their requests as much
as possible.

The honest truth is that other companies will promise you everything. And I know given that kind of promise is hard to deliver. But what I can tell you is this; we will do everything we can to meet and to exceed your expectations. Your safety and comfort depend on that. And, we depend on you.

That is why we want you to be part of the Anaconda Protective Concepts partnership. And, we want to be
your team member.

Thanks for trusting Anaconda.

Don Dunfee.


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Anaconda Protective Concepts is a Certified (WBE) Women Business Enterprise.